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The location was easy; a very splendid hotel in Central London. The timing was obvious; a Saturday night.  The selection of a partner was random; cocktails in the early evening, flirting in the bar and my boyfriend having a very serious conversation.

Well, that was the plan.

We checked in early in the afternoon and I enjoyed a luxurious bath.  I had treated myself to some spa treatments earlier in the week before, so my legs were genuinely silken.  I had even, for the first and so far, only time, had my bikini line waxed.  I had selected a French wax – most of the hair is removed, but that around the labia is left alone (and trimmed), and a landing strip remaining on the front.  What a curious feeling to have a complete stranger preen my intimacy!  Normally I prefer to shave as my skin is very delicate and tends to flare with the slightest abrasion, but for this unique occasion I thought that I would try a professional job.  I was very pleased that I had done so, because the results were incredible – no lumps and bumps as usual, but instead a genuinely pornstar quality finish to the sheen of my tender skin around my lips.  It was so sensual simply touching it in the bath.