Confessions of A Panty Queen

This is my book, describing my first steps into the world of panty selling.

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The imagined business of selling worn underwear…

“I never planned on selling panties. I imagine no-one ever does.
My sexuality had remained ‘vanilla’ through my life. I had reached 40… something… and although I had kissed a lot of people, none of those people had been girls. I had screwed far less, all individually. I had watched some porn, I had touched myself to it, but I had never really thought about my fantasies. They were for just that purpose – fantasy.

Since divorcing a few years previously, though, my libido had awakened. Slowly, certainly, but with a definite trend. My confidence had grown, my inhibitions had lessened, my enjoyment of my body – something I had never had a problem with – had increased as not only did I ensure my pleasure, but I realised that there were other ways to achieve that pleasure. No longer was it about my clitoris, the focus of my womanly sensuality, the epicentre of my sexual oeuvre. Now I relished my other erogenous zones, I embraced them and I celebrated the effect they had on my partners.

My partners. Not many of them.

Some months ago, probably half a year ago, my dreams and my dark thoughts began to focus on just how much he liked to go down on me. It wasn’t going down on me really, it wasn’t ‘licking me out’, it wasn’t cunnilingus, it was somehow more. So much more. To describe it is difficult, but in his own words he simply “loved the taste, the feel, the scents, the juice”. My inhibitions had been decreasing, but ‘juice’? I couldn’t help – and still can’t help – but cringe to hear my most secret, my most intimate bodily function described in such a way.

Regardless, my fantasies drifted to this and I imagined other men tasting me. Enjoying me. Savouring the “juice” and wondering if they would become addicted in the same way.

This book shares with you my sexual journey.”