The Flight Lieutenant’s Wife

“Go on then.”  Caroline smirked as she said it, almost taunting her husband James.  They were both reasonably – not excessively – drunk, having been out earlier that evening in the Officers mess, and continued in their house on the base.

RAF Flight Lieutenant Jones was less intoxicated than his young wife, and was startlingly aware of precisely what he was being dared to do.  For a few months now, ever since he had interrupted Caroline when unexpectedly granted leave, they had been flirtily referring to that moment.

She had been lying on their bed, playing with her vibrator and watching porn; specifically, threesomes.  Two men, one woman.

At the time, he had been enormously aroused and they had shared sensational sex whilst flicking between different video clips and exploring with the dildo.  Afterwards they had skirted around it, but they kept returning to the hinted threesome and Caroline’s persistent declaration that it was fantasy and not something she actually wanted.  He didn’t really believe that.

Neither did she.

James stared back at her, challenging her to back down; she returned his stare, continuing her smirk as she took another sip from her drink.

“You want it, don’t you?” he finally said, quietly and suppressing his excitement.

She opened the door and there was her husband together with Phil, his navigator.  He was attractive, slightly shorter than James but more athletically built and with piercing grey eyes.  Both were wearing their dress uniforms.

In contrast, she was wearing a black basque and matching black stockings; real stockings attached via straps instead of modern hold-ups.  Her legs were elongated by the tall heels of her over-the-knee boots, and she was still holding her glass, sipping with one hand whilst holding the door open with the other.

“Well.”  She broke the silence.  “Are you going to fuck me, boys?”  She felt deliciously seductive and full of excited nervousness; this was so naughty and deep down she was fully aware that this was likely to cause problems with her marriage.  How could it not, she thought – James would always know that she had been taken, her body experienced, and herself pleasured by another man – but regardless of this, encouraged by the alcohol and the gnawing libido of her fantasises; it was going to happen.

She was pretty drunk, and reached out, swinging the hand with the glass within it down in a long arc and rubbing the back of her knuckles against James crotch.  He was standing closest to her, nearest the door, and he looked across to his friend, indicating him to go inside their house first.

Phil was clearly unsure about this, his eyes were all over Caroline’s body, examining the silhouette of her hips, cinched waist and supported bosom, lit by the light inside the house.  He caught James eye though, and stepped forward.

Caroline turned side on to allow him past, and with her back now holding the door open her other hand was free to caress his trousers as he walked past.  Her smile grew as she felt the unmistakable bulge of his erection.  James followed and watched Phil and Caroline move into the living room, curtains carefully drawn, towards the sofa, and closed the door behind them.

Sashaying behind Phil, Caroline caught him by his waist and he turned around.  She still had the glass in her hand but flung that arm behind him and pulled him, unresisting, to her, before locking mouths with him even as her husband continued past and settled onto the sofa.

They kissed, passionately, aggressively, as if in a rush to bond together before they became even more intimate.

Sitting back on the sofa, James rubbed his cock beneath his trousers whilst he watched his wife embrace and snog his friend.  He was conflicted; of course he was; but it was undeniably gratifying, as if his wife was the star of a three-dimensional porno right in front of him.

The two kissing lovers tumbled backwards towards the other side of the ‘L’ shaped sofa, and parted just long enough for Caroline to finish the drink and release the glass onto the table next to it.  She had dropped it on its side, and it rolled with a growing momentum towards the edge before falling and crashing to the wooden floor.

No-one noticed.

Phil was leaning over Caroline, one hand playing with her tits encased in the nylon basque, the other on the back of the sofa supporting him while he lifted a leg and his knee to the cushion between her legs.

Underneath him she was fumbling with his belt and their mouths were vacuum sealed, faces turning this way and the other as they sought a brief advantage in the playful battle of their tongues.

James had got his trousers undone by now and they lay splayed open revealing his tumescent, rigid circumcised cock, encased within his slowly stroking fist.

His wife had undone Phil’s belt and zip and his cock – which he had seen before (they did fly together, after all) had flopped out in its uncut and thick glory, into his wife’s small hand.

Standing up, James pulled his trousers off and stalked behind the sofa in his jacket and shirt, erection jutting forward and swinging with his strides, until her stood behind Caroline who was lying back against the sofa back.  She noticed him and pushed Phil away, replacing their primal kiss with her husband’s cock whilst encouraging his friend downwards.

He needed no encouragement, falling to his knees before her and parting her legs to accommodate his head, then levering the gusset of her basque away from her moist pussy to reveal the closely trimmed bush, neatly edged, around her tiny taco shell and the delicate lips encased within.

They were glistening with the translucent sheen of her excited juices and he licked with a flat tongue poked out of his mouth, dragging along her cunt to savour her smell and the taste before closing his mouth and feeling the sticky secretion in his mouth.

James was just able, on tip toe and leaning forward, to get this dick inside Caroline’s mouth, whilst she eagerly gobbled for more of him in her, relishing the feel of a man worshipping at her womanhood and her husband at the mercy of her mouth…

An extract from ‘Erotic Thoughts’ – click the cover to see more]

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