Club Persephone

Pulling Claire close to her, holding hands amidst the bodies crowded around them on the dark dancefloor, illuminated staccato fashion by the lighting and laser system accompanying the electronic beats of the bass heavy music, Jo leant forward and in a complex choreography in time with the thumping, pulsing rhythms, kissed her with an open-mouthed lunge of exquisite sensuousness.

Claire was shocked; the kiss a normal and understood mechanism the two friends would call upon whenever they were being harassed with unwelcome male attention; but this was different in a transparent and highly charged way.

The urgency of the tongue, the delicate lock of the lips and the hands gripping her own powerfully by her side, to each of her hips, was irresistible and with even more shock, she found herself responding, her own tongue entering Jo’s mouth in a journey of carnal discovery whilst she came closer to Claire and squashed her chest against the similarly sized tits of her friend.

Around them, men were now staring open mouthed, their partners angrily steering them away from the gorgeous young girls snogging among them.

Both were around the same height, five something but dancing taller in the flashy heels they each had on.  One wore a skimpy black cotton dress, tiny straps over each shoulder and just containing her bouncy, braless teardrop boobs.  The other was in contrasting white, halter neck and both skimmed there youthful and pert bums, their tanned legs moving with a hypnotic grace and entwining with each other as they kissed with increasing passion.

Fortunately, the guys angling for their attention had almost immediately sensed the brush off and moved on to other prey.

Claire and Jo continued the kiss, arms tensed with a rigidity, moving in syncopated movements as they gyrated to the primitive beats, stirring their passion as intended.

With a swallow, a gasp for breath, Claire tasted something not alcoholic in her mouth, and rubbing her tongue across her front teeth and between lip and gum, felt a faint sticky powdery substance, accompanied by a more pronounced taste somewhat like metal, a strange tang which led her to look quizzically at her partner.

Fingers still tightly entwined, clenched together, Jo leaned in again but this time towards her ear and not her mouth.

“It’s Mandy,” she shouted, though amid the hubbub Claire heard it as a whisper.

She looked still more quizzically at her friend, mouthing the word back to her with a questioning expression.

Jo laughed an attractive, seductive expression of freedom and happiness.  Then she leant in once more.

“Mandy.  E.  Ecstasy.  Relax!”

Claire was amazed, worried, concerned.  She’d not done anything like this before, but five minutes ago, she hadn’t been sexually aroused by a woman either.  Jo kissed her gently on the ear as they navigated a course around the dancers around them, and wrapped her hands behind Claire’s back, forcing her friend’s arms backwards and hands behind her buttocks.

She unclasped her hands and reached out, clasping a palm over each cheek, pulling her inwards and grinding her pelvis against the other girls, boobs meeting again and joining once more in a deep, passionate snog.

The lasers were playing over the crowd’s head now and the DJ began waving at the dancers from his pulpit above the dark dance floor, sunk like an ancient pit amid the elevated tables and rails above, arranged in a square and with milling onlookers peering down at the revellers below.  The smoke machines billowed once again and the green, blue and red lasers played their patterns upon the clouds, the random motions mirroring the unsynchronised mass of people dancing oblivious to everything but the pounding music.

Gradually the two girls made their way to the boundary of the arena, locating a flight of steps which led upwards and Jo pulled Claire behind her, one hand of each clasped firmly together as they made a course through the people and towards the ladies’ room on the first floor.

Each girl was a tumult of emotion, amplified by the ecstasy they had shared; knowingly in one case, unwittingly in the other; and their inhibitions were being shed as rapidly as their pussies were moistening with vaginal wetness, anticipating the illicit and taboo touch of a girl on their sexes.

They plunged headlong towards the bathroom, only to find a lengthy and growing queue outside.

Undeterred, Jo led her friend by the hand, closer now and at a walking pace rather than the latterly muted, stumbling run through the crowds.  Towards the bathroom next door, with no queue and signposted clearly ‘Men’.

Claire glanced around with a vestige of self-awareness before they strode, confidently led my Jo through the first door and then the next, into the unfamiliar surroundings of the men’s bathroom.  This was not the pristine and fragrant room they were comfortable within, their usual destination, but it was clean and recently refurbished, a striking collection of chrome, mirrors and dark tiles brightly lit by spot lights discretely nestled in alcoves overhead.

Ignoring the astonished look from the guy at one of the basins, and both giggling now with the audacity of their actions, they fell into a cubicle, neither leading the way now but both semi-tumbling inside the metal plated door and reaching out to stem both a fall, and to grasp each other’s lithe and sweat sheened body.

Kissing, they stood, first Claire against a metal plated dividing wall, being caressed with Jo’s hands exploring the outline of her firm youthful tits and feeling her knee between her thighs, bare skin against bare skin below the ridiculously high and revealing hem lines of both girls.

Then with a push they were reversed, Jo feeling the passion of her increasingly liberated and high friend, hands on each side of her cinched waist and rubbing down the figure hugging Lycra of her dress, along the swell of her hips and then pulling the dress upwards, a hand on each side of her and peeling it with the slightest resistance from her sweaty flesh.

Beneath that her panties were revealed, a skimpy thong in black matching the dress, the cotton padded gusset wet with her slickness and then she felt Claire’s hand cupping between her legs, the thumb curled in and rubbing against the front of her pussy beneath the meagre protection of the cloth.

She rocked her hand forwards and back, sawing between Jo’s legs, parting to allow her to both rub more of her, and rub her harder, pressing firmly against the fleshy vulva beneath the gusset and feeling the sweat and excitement on the skin elsewhere, between her tight ass cheeks.

Reciprocating, Jo groped harder at Claire’s tits, and then reached behind her neck, fumbling with and gradually undoing the simple know that held the halter together.

Descending again, it was easy for her to expose the fleshy brilliance of her glistening, pert tits, darkly pink nipples pointing rigidly upwards amid glorious small circumference aureole of a darker hue.  Bending over, which exposed still more of her panty clad cunt to her partner, she took one of those nipples in her teeth, biting gently against the fleshy erectile tissue and then sucking upon it, drawing it deeply into her mouth with the vigour of her desire.

The titillation of her nipple increased the enormous, overwhelming feeling of desire washing over Claire and she took hold of the tiny, thin black waist band of the panties.  With the slightest of tugs they slipped down that side of Jo’s hips, over the sweat moistened contour and then with a momentary increase in resistance where her sticky pussy lips had begun to weep and adhere to the gusset, separated from her and fell easily off her thighs and to the tiled floor.

In a fever now, the two girls parted and Claire allowed her white dress to fall from her, a momentary wiggle of her girlish hips enough to allow it to descend; Jo pulling the thin straps from each shoulder and then pulling the Lycra down to land on top of her knickers.

One of Jo’s nipples was pierced, a silver bar with dumb-bell ends horizontally penetrating the flesh atop her round breast where the pinnacle sprouted to crest the sphere with the challenging, pert attitude of young tits.  Claire saw it immediately and reached out, a breathless tumble, taking it between thumb and forefinger and pressing, sensing both the hardness of the metal and the exquisite movements it made within the sensitive nerve ending rich nipple.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” was all Jo could say, her pussy wet and clit throbbing from the cursory rubbing her girlfriend had so recently gifted her, her breast now aflame with feeling and the heightened sensation of the piercing.

“How long have you had this?” breathed Claire, amazed that she had never noticed it, even as, like today, her partner had foregone a bra and worn a clingy Lycra blended dress.

Jo was feeling the rush now, the ecstasy starting to kick in and liberate her, amplifying her already rampant libido and her sudden desire for her friend, fired inadvertently by the guy making a hit on her, was becoming a solid manifestation; she wanted to possess her, feel her, and share the highest sexual excesses with her.

Both girlfriends recognised that this may be a transient encounter, a singular occurrence in their lives, and shared the drug heightened desire to extract as much pleasure from the debauched moment as they could.

Wordlessly, Jo pushed Claire backwards, easing her towards the pedestal seat and then teasing her ass forward to the very edge, exposing her white pantie clad pussy to her.  They were darker around the gusset and extending backwards towards the perineum, the leaking fluids a testament to her wanton desire for this encounter, so she pulled them off her and left them dangling around one ankle before, with her mouth wide open and tongue extended downwards, swept her wet hairy cunt in a luxurious and rampant lick that took her entire sex within its trail.

She swallowed the wetness on her tongue and inhaled the musky sexiness of the open clam shell lips, the pinky insides exposed and contrasting with the hairiness of the exterior.

Just as they were losing themselves in the swirling intoxication of the drug fuelled lust, a loud rapping came from the cubicle door…

[An extract from ‘Erotic Thoughts’ – click the cover to see more]


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