Girl Crush Sleepover

Alexis moaned, whilst Sara continued the stroking motion over her exposed mound, finger tips just tickling below the verdant dark bush, sharply shaven at the sides, top and apex into an inverted triangle.

Her young pussy, tight and very neatly arranged with lusciously firm cherry bulges concealing the even neater lips within, was moistening with the inexorable flooding consequence of the stimulation.

It was nude, completely shaven but for the aforementioned bush.

Sara was breathing heavily herself, with Alexis fingering her pussy much more intimately; Sara was quite a lot shorter than her friend and lying next to each other in the shared bed, her sex was much easier for Alexis to reach and play with.

Sara’s pussy was uniformly trimmed, a little electrical shaver kept it within a few millimetres of her similarly pristine skin, and it felt amazing to her friend whilst she had been caressing it, sweeping the hairs along in one deliciously smooth direction before altering and feeling the roughness against the direction of growth.

Let’s rewind, just a few minutes, and review the events leading to these two young friends touching each other.

They had stayed up late, a sleepover at Alexis’ house whilst her parents were away, watching stuff on TV, eating takeout and generally having fun drinking in the otherwise empty house.  It had got very late; into Saturday morning; and they had got changed into pyjama shorts and t-shirts hours previously.

They headed up to bed and had been laughing so much, they had both gone into Alexis’ bedroom rather than Sara heading off to the spare bedroom that had been made up for her.

From there… well, they had both drunk a lot.

And they were very good friends anyway.

Back to the moment and now Alexis was thrilling to her first ever touch of someone else’s pussy.  It was adorned with the close trimmed blonde fuzz that matched Sara’s hair, and was smaller and tighter than hers.  She guessed Sara was a virgin – they’d asked each other several times, including that evening, if they were, and Sara had never really confirmed or denied having sex with a guy.

It was wet inside that tender pussy and the two fingers she had inside, fingering her with them crooked upwards to massage the front of her vaginal walls, were sliding in and out to the second knuckle with lubricated ease.

Lying so close together, each with a hand across the tummy and fondling the pussy of the other, they were panting and eventually succumbed to looking at each other and acknowledging what they were doing.

Immediately they kissed, continuing the snogging that had instigated this liaison.

Blonde and brunette, each just eighteen, they explored each other’s mouths with urgency and intense curiosity.  Their hands still played with their pussies, their other hands holding their tits, one pair budding, the other already swollen to an attractive and youthfully pert fullness.

Sara was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up her motions around the pubes of the other girl, with the developing arousal she was experiencing from Alexis’ fingering.  She had levered the thumb up and onto the little clit and the rubbing motion was synchronised with the plunging fingers into her canal.

The lubrication leaking from her hole felt wonderful spread over her clitoris, increasing the sensation and amplifying her pleasure.  Being touched by another person, especially a girl, was so much more exciting than playing with herself.

Giving up the attempt, she left her hand across the gentle swell of Alexis’ belly and continued the erotic kiss whilst enjoying the frigging of her cunt.

Her legs were buckling, knees drawing up beneath the sheets with the pleasurable feelings spreading between her legs, and she felt the clamping of her insides – vagina and rectum as one – with the onrush of her orgasm, squealing very quietly although the house was empty and she could have, for once, given full voice to the throes of climax.

Coming down from the high, Alexis had continued rubbing her love button whilst she bucked and jerked with the throbbing heat of her cum, until finally they laid still at last, still open mouthed kissing with a hand in Sara’s pussy and her own hand lying proprietorially across her friends – now lovers – tummy.

They woke late the next morning with a start, the noises from the kitchen downstairs waking them from the exhausted and contented sleep of the night loving each other.

A few moments passed, before they looked at each other in a remembrance of what they had been doing, and then where they were – sharing a bed in Alexis’ parent’s house.  Sara jumped urgently from the bed and scrabbled for her pyjamas, shrugged off so early in their love making frolics of the night.

Footsteps were on the stairway now.

“I can’t find my top!” she hissed desperately at Sara.  She was scrabbling around on the floor now, unable to separate her clothes from Alexis’.

Footsteps on the landing.

“Hide!” urged Alexis, whispering but with a suppressed, fearful anxiety.  Sara looked around.

“Where?  Where!”

Footsteps outside the bedroom door, and a knock.

“Over there, over there!” Alexis hissed, and Sara tiptoed quickly across and to the far side of the bed.  Alexis shucked the sheet over the bed so it covered her, and fell over the diving figure of Sara, just as the door began to open.

Jennie, her step mother, came in.

“Alex?”  she used the shortened form of her name that always annoyed Alexis.  “Everything OK last night?”…

[An extract from ‘Erotic Thoughts’ – click the cover to see more]


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