The window wound down slowly and he could reach within.  Her partner, a man in his fifties, indicated (though at this point, having allowed him to watch her going down on her partner, it wasn’t really necessary) that he was free to reach inside.

He did so – a little urgently perhaps, reaching directly for her exposed tits, the top of her strapless dress having been pulled down to reveal her slightly saggy but still magnificently large and full breasts.  The skin was beautiful; so different to the young girls his own age (nineteen).  The feel of it, slightly creped and less elastic, more firm and unyielding than his girlfriends had been, despite this woman being, as he estimated, in her forties.

His already straining dick surged again with a powerful erection.  She relaxed back into the seat of her car, her hands reaching out and guiding his more considerately now to her breasts and her tummy under that dress.

She was rounded, middle aged, a pretty faced blonde who had lost the sinuosity of girlhood but gained the physical maturity of womanliness.  The exchange had been more than fair; her belly wasn’t flat but nor was it flabby, she had become a curvy sensual woman with the power of experience and confidence.

One hand of hers kept hold of his wrist whilst the other she returned to the cock of her husband, in the driver’s seat next to her and having just been sucked to the very edge of orgasm and then denied.  She wanked him slowly, the spittle and precum lubricating the act in the way KY and all the synthetic substitutes created by science fail to.

He watched on in awe, her lazy strokes keeping her husband solid as a rock, his erection thick and long, allowing her to sweep her full hand up and down its length and revealing inches – God knows how many inches – of exposed cock.

He leant inside the window and kissed her proud nipple, not erect but not unaroused – it was in a curious state between the two where the surrounding pinkness had compressed into a tight brownness and the nipple itself was a little flaccid.

Unlike his cock.

He took it and the aureole in his mouth and sucked hard at it, before she pulled away.

“Gently!” she cautioned him before motioning him to return.

He bowed forward again and this time licked the nipple with his tongue, trying to be soft with it, coating it with spit, and he was rewarded by it stiffening nicely.  He took it in his mouth and more reticently sucked, feeling the large and coarse organ roll around his tongue as he flicked it, enjoying the hugeness of the breast it sat atop against his face.

He tried to keep his eyes open and watch her still slowly, luxuriously, toying her husband’s protuberance.

She touched his head, almost a stroke of his short light hair, and he came away from his obsession with her tit.

She ushered him away and he extracted himself from the car, standing up.  Her hand went for his belt, his zip, and she struggled with them before he undid them for her.  He dropped the jeans to his knees and his erection strained at his cotton boxers.  He was moderately – no, he was very – embarrassed to note that there was a large dark stain where he had been leaking from the urethra, his excitement obvious.

She just smiled and expertly pulled his endowment from the boxers, through the opening, and pulled him towards her. Opening her mouth, he could see she was still wanking her husband and that he in his turn was focussed on her taking his dick in her gob.

Her lips were wide apart, a sexual aping of a doctor’s request to say ‘Ah’, and she took his whole moderate length inside her without touching it at all.  Her little button nose and then lips bumped against his and she closed them around his shaft.  The feeling of her warm, wet mouth and the tongue lying underneath his dick was amazing.

She slowly pulled away from him, not using her hands at all, her lips sealed against his circumference, the tongue rolling lazily around the cylinder of this penis in a rhythm that he couldn’t help but notice matched exactly that with which she was pleasuring her husband.

All to soon she was at the end of his dick and she opened her mouth again, looking up at him, then descended once more, engulfing him once again in her orifice before repeating the slow sucking off action.

His cock was twitching, hips bucking, and he realised that her husband was thrusting off his seat, his enormous tool wrapped in a pussy of his wife’s hand.  He was dimly aware that others had arrived shortly after he had, and were now stood in a semicircle of masturbating men, cocks of all shapes and colours being manipulated in a variety of frequency and amplitudes.

He reached to her with his hand, indicating desperately that he was near and she simply looked up at him, smiling whilst sucking him off, and he pumped ferociously into her mouth, two, three powerful spurts then a number of less productive and less explosive jets of his cream.  She pulled off his cock one final time, lips tight around it, and carefully her tongue played with his foreskin that the suction had pulled back over his glans, toying with him, ensuring that every last drop of his essence had been savoured, and then sat back in her car seat.

She had let go of her husband who had once again been denied at the very edge of climax, and looked across at him, oblivious to the boy she had just gobbled off and the watching audience, and keeping her mouth closed she turned towards her husband and to the shock of everyone watching they kissed.

A full, open mouthed, snog – the young man’s cum in her mouth clearly being swapped as they exchanged saliva in a dirty, lustful combination.

They parted and she opened her mouth wide in a provocative display to the entranced wanking watchers – they could see a little white creamy cum on her tongue as she poked it out at them – then swallowed and repeated the tongue poking trick; this time devoid of spunk.

As he stumbled back, dazed with the intensity of the orgasm she had just gifted him, he could see her beckon the next man towards her car window.


Another car had indicated they were ready to join in.

An extract from ‘Erotic Thoughts’ – click the cover to see more]

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